About DreamPower


DreamPower is an energy service that enables businesses and homes to reduce electricity costs by replacing their variable energy bills with one fixed monthly fee that is guaranteed to be lower than their typical payment to utility company. 

Our Values


We founded DreamPower with the goal to bring sustainability and clean energy into the daily operations of small and medium size businesses.


Our business is based on three core values:




At DreamPower, we know that the key to a strong partnership, be it with a customer, supplier, or any other partner, is trust. This is why we take evry effort to ensure that we are a trusted side in every deal we make. Our model enables DreamPower to be highly involved into daily operations of our customers.  We take this with a great pride as we understand the importance of being a reliable partner. 


Win-Win for all sides


We create unique solutions that deliver mutual benefit to all sides of every deal. The idea that our customers save with DreamPower from day one is deeply rooted into our business thinking. Every partnership that we take has to meet the core condition - it has to provide immediate and evident advantage to our counterpart.  


Long-term relationship


Our philosophy is built around long-term view. In every agreement that we enter, we seek for a lasting partnership. We build the company with an outlook to provide value to our partners over extended period of time because we believe that this is the healthy basis for building trust. 




DreamPower is a part of Class of 2014 and Class of 2015 at the i.Lab at Darden School of Business at University of Virginia.

Alexander Bazhinov

Alexander believes that changing the way energy is generated, delivered, and consumed will make the world a sustainable and safe place to live.

His experience ranges from CFO of a multimillion company to a waste recycling technology start-up. He is currently pursuing his MBA at the Darden School of Business at University of Virginia.

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